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3 Easy Steps: Applying Permissions Using Alfresco Web Client

July 28, 2011 1 comment


In Alfresco, you apply permissions to certain space/folder or documents to restrict  a user to certain actions that he/she can perform on a folder or document. For example, you don’t want everyone to to have a capability to create documents or folders in Folder A. What you can do is to apply a READ ONLY permission to a user to  Folder A. In this way, a user can only VIEW the contents of Folder A.

For beginners, below  are the steps  to apply permission using Alfresco  web client:

1. Log in to Alfresco and proceed to the space/folder you want permissions to be applied. Click More Actions –> Manage Space Users.

Figure 1: Manage Space Users Link

2. Click  Invite. You’ll proceed to Invite Users Wizard page. In this page, you can invite a user or a group by selecting from the drop down list of Specify Users/Groups. Enter a group name or username and then click the search button. Select a user or group from the search result and then select a Role you want a user to have as seen below:

Figure 2: Invite User

Note: To further understand what Roles are, you can visit this link.

3. Click Add to List button. Click Next. You will be directed to a page which will ask you if you want to send an email to the invited user, for  now select No and click Finish button and you’re done! You should be able to see that the user has now a Role in the specified folder.

Figure 3: User with Role

Now we are done! Please note that applied permissions will only affect the space to which it is applied. You can also apply permission using java-script API’s provided by Alfresco. On my next post, I will concentrate on using java-script to apply permissions. =P