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Alfresco Multi-tenancy: Exporting and Importing Tenants

February 27, 2010 2 comments

This post is the continuation of my previous post Alfresco Multi-tenancy Feature. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. This post will provide easy steps on exporting and importing tenants in Alfresco Enterprise 3.0.

Exporting a tenant in Alfresco is one of the ways to back-up a tenant. The export will produce one or more .acp (Alfresco Content Package) files. It is like a zip file that contains xml files that describes the exported folders or contents. it also contains meta data of documents and folders. On the other hand, importing a tenant is the reverse of export wherein the information held in the .acp file is copied to the repository.

Exporting a tenant is normally like a complete repository export, which can be performed in previous Alfresco versions. Below are the steps to export a tenant:

1. Start Alfresco. Log-in as super admin.(Only the super admin can perform the tenant export)

2. Go to the tenant admin console.

3. In the text field, enter the command:

export <tenant domain> <destination directory>

Ex. export tenanta C:\exported_tenants

4. Go to the location where you specified the tenant to b0 exported and check if you six .acp files below:

  • <tenant domain>_users.acp
  • <tenant domain>_spaces.acp
  • <tenant domain>_spaces_archive.acp
  • <tenant domain>_model.acp
  • <tenant domain>_versions2.acp

Now you have successfully exported your tenant. The next step is to import the tenant. Reminder, importing should be done on the same version of Alfresco where you performed the export, otherwise you will encounter some errors. Below are the steps:

1. In a multi-tenant enabled Alfresco, log in as super admin.

2. Open the tenant admin console.

3. In the text field, enter command:

import <tenant domain> <source directory> <root contentstore directory>

Ex: import tenanta C:\exported_tenants C:\Alfresco\alf_data\tenantstore\a

NOTE: During this process, I have encountered errors regarding the version2Store does not exist. This is because I have versioned files in the version history(Allow versioning functionality in Alfresco is turned on). I guess this is a bug or an issue that is needed to be resolve.

If all goes well and you haven’t encountered errors, you can check the imported tenants, log in as tenant admin. Congatulations, you have now successfully imported the tenant! =)

For more information about Alfresco Multi-tenancy, visit the wiki page.

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